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Mr. J is an 86-year-old gentleman who smoked for over 50 years.  After "trying everything" to quit, he came to us for help; hopeful but skeptical.  Click on the link below to hear what he said! 

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Your mind is programmed to turn toward what is familiar and away from what is unfamiliar - hence the reason it is so hard to quit.  WILLPOWER ALONE WILL NOT WORK.  With HypnoQuit you will experience a one on one online hypnosis with a hypnotherapist and have access to this comprehensive program to retrain your mind to become a non-smoker for the rest of your life.

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Nalla H

"For over 20 years, cigarettes controlled every part of my life. It was all that I thought of and planned around smoking. The inconveniences were exhausting! Not to mention the expense and health risks. I had to stop for my son. I loved that I could do this at home at my convenience. The videos are interesting and the workshop really got me thinking in a different, more mindful way. I was leery about this being online but figured what did I have to loose. The only thing I regret is not having done this sooner."

Grace H

"I did not think this was going to work like it did. I had no idea the subconscious mind was so powerful. I love the information in this workshop. It really made me think of smoking ad all of my habits in a different way. Not only do I not smoke anymore but I make more time for myself and practice self-care which I did not do before. I love how easy it is to replace a dirty, terrible habit with healthy choices. I am loving myself so much more!!"

Bill J

"I tried everything to quit smoking. I just can't believe it. I have only had a couple smoking urges since our session and for some reason I am not thinking about smoking most of the time. I put a devil character on my shoulder and when I get the urge I knock him off and the urge goes away. Eileen, I deeply, deeply appreciate what you did for me.

Thank you"