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Rewire Your Subconscious Mind with Updated Messaging For An Empowering and Healthy Lifestyle With Our Unique 12 Week Program, HypnoSlim!

Reclaim Your Energy! Start your weight loss journey with the Power of Hypnosis. You are Worth It!! 










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HypnoSlim is a fully immersive transformation Mind, Body and Soul. Healthy, confident beauty is a Superpower. There is magic in the way a strong, confident woman enters the room. When you show up authentically, amazing, life-changing things happen. 





Join our elite group of some of the most influential and successful women in the world. Our exclusive Facebook group is where we show up for each other. We lien on each other and celebrate each other. Pull power and support without judgement. We are greater together.






We are very sensitive to the fact that we have very high profile women as clients and anonymity is taken very seriously. If necessary, our team will work with you to create an approved pseudonym private online profile to insure your greatest level of privacy. 




Denise T

"Ok so I'm totally shocked. I am making very different food decisions as a result of the hypnosis and following the recipes. Im only 10 days in, 5 pounds down and I cant wait to see what else happens." 




Kathy B

"I have been on every diet you can name. They all work for a bit but I always gain the weight back. I am on my second time doing this course just as a refresher and I feel like my mind has totally changed around food. no more mindless eating. I don't see any of it as a diet. Its a full lifestyle and subconscious change. I love this course!!"




Tina A

"Usually wake up and immediately wonder what Im eating for the day. Not today. I have a new strength that Isn't taking any work on my part. I listen at night and wake up with a new mindset. Food is not my priority today."